I meant to stay forever.


Write the note a falling leaf would leave behind. 

I’m sorry to leave, truly I am. I

meant to stay forever, to hang on

this branch with my brothers and

sisters and ex-lovers and friends

until I shrivelled up and died.


I was not expecting this breeze

to cut me off from everything I’ve

ever known, pulling me along to who

knows where.


I fear I will never see you again,

my dear friends. Please know that I love

you all. I never wanted to leave you. I

wish I could’ve spent my days growing

old with you. I will never forget you, my

love(s). I will always think of you and

remember where I cam from: that branch

on the tall tree in the park.


But I must tell you, I am so

intrigued by this new world! I didn’t

know that anything existed outside of

the park, but there is so much to see out

here. I’ll send you a postcard, if I can,

of all the places I’ve been. If this wind ever

lets me down.



By Zoee on page 140 of I Am Incomplete Without You.


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