Be Shelter


Imagine that you can build a house out of words that can protect you from the rain. 

What words do you use?



Light Laugh

Perfection Heavenly

Wonder Shine Soar Trees

Glorious Stars Sapphire Bright

Family Beauty Sky Angelhair Moon

Illuminate Bluebirds Forest Nature Freedom

Life Love Hope Faith Protection Heart Lungs

Sunshine Breath Open Innocent Pure

Ocean Air Kiss Hug Brave Stable Mind

Health Loyalty Individuality Books Music

Knowledge Earth Spirit Connection True

Strong Honesty Wings Warm Blessed Words

Happiness Home Calm Peace Cleanse River

Float Balloons Freckles Smile Snuggle Touch

Lullaby Clouds Nuzzle Affection Sleep Flow

Rest Paper Fur Feathers Soft Meadow Win

Mountains Valley Paint Impression Flowers

Poetry Unique Destiny Fate Delicate Delightful


By [beautiful mess] on page 33 of I Am Incomplete Without You.

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