The Best Kind Of Bad Something

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Every now and again, I’d like to run a competition to see who can come up with the best responses to I Am Incomplete Without You. These were the responses to the one I ran last week on Facebook – the winner gets a free copy of the book. It was almost impossible to choose. Follow along on Facebook to catch it when it happens again.



has been broken, has been shattered and thorned apart
but has been mended with stitches and proud badges
the best kind of bad something

– Stef Kihano


[Edit: Someone has pointed out to me that the last line of this, which I absolutely love, is actually from a popular song, which proves just how ridiculously out of touch I am. That being said, I don’t want to accuse anyone of plagiarism based off of one line, its something I take incredibly seriously and I’m not 100% sure that this warrants it – And I’d want to be 100% sure before I accuse anyone of that. So, to be as fair as possible, I’m going to choose a second winner in addition to the first.]

Winner #2

Self-made with 60% Passion and 40% Creativity.
Keep with like-minded souls, preferably those who like books and music.
Keep way from heat.
Sensitive when faced with more than 50 Degrees of Anger.
Wash stains with Warm Tea.
Exclusive of Hate.

– Huda Merchant


Everyone else in no particular order, follows.


made of coloured cotton and the warmest wool. comfy and completely trustworthy. keep away from cold hearts and mean hands. if broken please don’t throw me away, another soul may need me. my shattered pieces can be sewn again to warm up another body. like a wildflower in spring I can bloom again. P.S: don’t iron me, I would totally hate that.

– Make Cooper


Bohemian Stock
85% Curious
15% Batshit crazy
Content Changes Daily
Love Madly
Keep out of Direct Sun
Play Frivolously
Fragile without treats
Ask to hold tightly
Size Bigger than Lifesize

– Debra Niedermiller Chaffins



You now hold a genuine article
Crafted with utmost care,
Woven with fibers of stormclouds,
Sewn with the threads of dreams.

Made in a place where love was at work.

Pre-washed. Pre-worn. Pre-tested.
I have been stretched and shrunken as needed
By all who have tried me on before
To better fit you at this moment.

Normal wash.
Hold me in your hands or plunge me into your swirling depths,
Hot or cold,
Let me swim in your cycles.

Use color­-safe bleach.
Remove the dirt, the grime.
Rid me of the stains and the sweat
Clinging to me
Until I am clean
But retain my memories as they are,
Vividly printed, fading only with time.

Do not use chlorine.
Don’t make healing any harsher than it has to be.

Drip dry.
Do not wring; my anxieties do enough of that.
Let the tears fall of their own accord.
There is nothing that won’t evaporate come morning.

Iron or steam.
Press your warmth up against me,
Tip to tip,
Lay your sleek cheek against the wrinkles of my face.
Caress every hem, and seam, and cranny
Soothe me, smoothe me
Until I’m fit to present myself to the world again.

Do not dry­ clean.
Do not spare me any agitation,
Not any scrape of your knuckles, not any tumble in the dark.
My beauty is not in beads and sequins.
My strength is not in wires and boning.
I don’t require protection.
I deserve the real thing.

Thank you for your choice.
All that’s left is to drape me across your shoulders,
Don’t leave me hanging in the dark.
Let me hug each curve and plane of your body
And prove to you I was worth picking up off the rack.

– Reina Bambao


Keep me tender with poignant conversation. Tell me about your loss, your life and love. Forgive my flaws and wash away the fatigue of long days. Don’t leave me stuck in the clouds, but let me come home to you. Remind me that reality is where my dreams can truly come true.

– Teri Campos


Complicated story but worth the read. May be damaged but worth being repaired. Be kind for she is fragile.

– Rebecca Michelle Golomb


when you find yourself fragile and broken keep in mind that the cracks will give way for light to seep through. it won’t be dark forever.

– Kyle Vincent Periquin


Hand wash in freshwater from the streams of the Rocky Mountains. Hang to dry in Yellowstone. Store in direct sunlight, right next to the pile of the books you’re collecting. Be gentle. Colors intended to fade over time, adds character.

– Sarah Bouse


“(fragile, mentally & physically; handle with extra care.)
i am not a doll; not meant to be thrown around or left abandoned after a valuable memory is created with me.
i am not a plant; i am in need of constant attention and love. without these fundamentals i am restricted of optimism and ample interaction.
i am not a computer; i take time to function and display my fullest potential due to my carefulness in expressing my reasoned thoughts.
i am not God; i make countless mistakes and am a repeated flaw in this falling world.
i am human, and i am still trying to love myself for who i am. patience in dealing with me is mandatory.
((precautions to take: i am a violent sea storm, going from calm and collected, to a raging surge of waves at any given time.))”

– Charlene Anne


Hand wash in rainwater. For best results add honesty and compassion. Made from stardust and impossible dreams. Never lie. Read her poetry and tell her your secrets. She will never betray you. Caution: Will keep you up at night when her demons taunt and torment her. Best treated with gentle words and soft touches. She never feels safe. Be her sanctuary, promise to watch over her while she sleeps. Love her fiercely and she will defend you from everything you fear.

– Meghan A. Williams


Super ‘smiley’ (but not smelly) Garment

100% made from a bio-lovable material
Hand wash with warm water only, inadequate water temperature
might ruined the built in light-material. Persistent to any bleach, please soak with other colour for some magical effect.

This garment is also sewn with our newly found happy and love to laugh contagious thread.
Best wear every day. (k)

– Kiki Suhaimi


Guide her. Let her know her worth. Don’t drop her, ‘cuz she’s fragile, and once she’s broken, she’ll never be the same.

– Farah Luai


Shes been tossed and turned in the spiral of life. Her threads have worn out, she looks faded and very worn out, but theres something about her, that softness, that feel, that sparkle which makes you want to wear her again and again….She is freedom. Free Then, Free Now. You cannot handle her with care, shes free to do as she chooses….Let her be wild. PS : she smells good too, she really doesnt need to be tagged.

– Scherry Siganporia


100% love.
Handle with care.
Wash in warm tender words, or rain.
Do not iron, colour may fade.
For best results, air dry in shade, near loving company.

– Thushanthi Ponweera


50% hope
50% creativity
100% made of love
A child inside.
Approach with caution or with bacon… both?
Will need you but probably needs a lot of space too.
May take time to focus, please practice patience.
May appear tough but please iron with care.
Steady but still waters run deep.
Shock absorbent, sensitive to heat.
Wash seperately, tumble dry and lastly leave it in the dark to dry.
Thank you.

– Ka Tan


Coloured with humour and understanding (all natural products, don’t worry about allergic reactions.)
Will keep you warm on rainy nights. Also, when there is a storm in your heart.
Sleeves can dry out tears.
Keep away from hurtful words and doubts. The edges may fray from anxiety.
Best when chosen first. Should you have doubts, do not keep in the dark.
Approach with a smile and a heart that wishes to share its world.

– Liyana Salleh


Fragile and delicate but yet has a fabric that is made of stone. Repeated process of drying and wetting makes her weak for her inner strength is starting to loosen. Please handle her with care for she seems to be on the verge of breaking apart, and when she does; there’s no sewing her back.

– Erra Rina Surryia Jamal


Made with a love for literature and all things wordy. Shy at first but won’t shut up once you get to know her. Listens and hears everything. Will love unconditionally and care unburdened for you until the end of time, if only you do the same.
Loves the colour yellow because it’s bright and hopeful. Loves hugs because they are all kinds of warm.
If upset, insert into any bookstore and wait until a smile appears. Should take little time.
Believes we have two hearts: our heart that moves blood around and our heart that we separate to love everything and everyone we do. The first pumps blood but the second pumps passion.

– Paméla Bertrand


Handle with care. Easily broken.
Do not try to sell her empty promises.
Only say what you mean.
Do not make her love you just so you can leave.
Do not put her up in the clouds just to see her shattering apart as she reaches the ground.

Handle with care. Close to explosion.
Do not yell at, for she will tear you apart.
And if you want to burn down this city you only have to push.
But do not let go for she is about to blow.

– Verena Gradinger


She’s no princess
Needs to work hard in order to eat
Wears no prada
Hair ain’t blonde

But she’s priceless

She’s no beauty queen
She has pale dry skin
Wears worn out sneakers
Does not speak multiple language

But she’s unique

She’s never an Angel
Have sinned 100%
Cut her she’ll bleed

But she’s ready to die for you

Take her
Own her
Never let her go
That is all she wanted in return

She’s not a rare piece
But is authentic

(An Authentic Piece from The Philippines)

– Leih Arianne


Handle with love,
Made from broken bones, drunken sex, and heartbreaking fallouts.
Afraid of losing what she loves the most,
Drinks a little too much,
Damaged with some mended tears,
But will be the most amazing thing you have ever laid eyes on.

– Cierra Brincat


Irritable at high temperatures. Will soften with kisses. Resistant to ironing. Prone to age-appropriate wrinkles and smile lines.

– Bhawani Bala


Iron out the wrinkles with low heat only. But ignore the badly stitched chest pocket.
Peak through the tiny holes to see what remains inside. Fill me back up.
– Hunter Martoncik


Made from the most excruciating materials on the planet that only humans have: emotions and hormones

Feed everyday, hug from time to time, say good night to, feed again.

– Kathricia Tizon Tan


She’s a diamond that wants to stay coal! Well, she’s whiskey in a teacup! Keep her warm & surprised. – quoting from Tom Waits song Black Market Baby. 
– Phalguni Kamuwani


Handle with love
Not the kid gloves type of love
The no holds barred love
Love fiercely and freely
Love with passion and compassion
Love with gentleness and awe
Love with freedom and abandon
Love with no strings.
– Margie Knits


I might be dirty and a little worn out, but i can promise you that if you wear me I will always keep you warm.
– Mai Pensado


Manufactured in the UK
Pre-loved Item
Requires regular access to books
Caution: do not expose fabric to any season but Autumn for optimum results
– Ruth McAuley


Warm yet occasionally stormy. May bite, handle with care.
– Lim Chooi Yi


Expose to sunlight as often as possible
Keep warm to avoid grump.
Provide with regular bowls of curry
Best mixed with cats
– Cara Morris


Handle responsibly. Courtesy goes a long way. In case of emergency, feed ice cream.
– Carmela Almonte


This object is far more fragile than it appears. Handle with extreme care
– Gabrielle Hayden


Tend to bleed. Be Gentle. Do not leave it hanging. Wear it proud. Be the guy that flaunts it and love it. 
– Liezl Regodos Monroe


Hold her close at night. Let her talk it out. Remind her it’s never too late. Run wild with her.
– Laura Pillow


“Delicate heart. Love with caution. Do not contempt.”
– April Koh


Do not submerge in water. Highly flammable. May rub off on lighter items.
– Marieka Barnard


Stained and torn from a rough climb, don’t just handle with care, give it more character.
– Rona Liza Aquino Salamat


Handle with care; after all, you’re the one who destroyed her.
– Shelby Renee Beller


handle with care. Easily broken.
– Natasha Maax


Stay strong and be brave, because life is unfair sometimes.
– Dyah Elisa


Has already tumbled and been left high and dry. Do your worst.
– Abhishek Gour


Delicate Heart. Do Not Wring. Tears will fall.
– Kat Midori


Touch of hand only. Handle with care. Please.
– Bernard Lloren Naval


Don’t Wring!
– Huma Hussan


A series of errors.
– Vernie Tay


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