Nothing Is Ever Yours


“What’s the one thing someone could say to you that would make you instantly fall in love with them?”

I know this won’t be easy.

I will do my best to make sure you miss me in

ways that are too small to see without

microscopes, while I’m missing you in huge chunks

of overdramatic puzzle pieces that aren’t

one-of-a-kind but are damn hard to come by.

I can’t love you how you imagine, a force that

strong would break you. Instead, I will smother

you slowly, destroy you in stages.

I will write our lives out and perform them for some

random audience while you sit backstage and wonder

whose eyes I’m looking into as I recite words I

swore were yours.

But they were never yours.

Nothing is ever yours.

And the day will come when you realise that

expecting things from people comes with a price you

can’t afford. So you’ll slam doors and

whisper threats but none of it will be loud enough

to drown out my voice, crackling that no one but me

will ever love you.

No one can love you but me.


By  on page 14 of I Am Incomplete Without You.


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